Ángela Amalia Corvea Martínez

Address, telephone and e-mail: Ave. 3ª-A, #15214, Apartment 1 between 152 and 154, Náutico, Playa, Havana City, Cuba.
Telephone: (537) 208-0115
Birth date and birthplace: February 5th of 1949, Havana City.
Nationality: Cuban
Occupation: (retired since 2002)
Academic title: Graduate in Biological Sciences (speciality Marine Biology), Havana University, Cuba, 1979.

• Institute of Oceanology, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba (CITMA) (1969 -1991) and (1993 -2001)
• Research Assistant (1969 - 1980)
• Scientific Researcher (1980 -1985) Projects of marine ecology
• Popularization and community extension (1986-2001) promotion of the investigation results through exhibitions, conferences, presentations in massive means of communication. Fields of interest to the sea.
• Editor of the Bulletin of Environmental Education of the Node of Marine Biodiversity of the Institute of Oceanology with the support of the UNICEF, published in 1997-2001 (15 numbers), dedicated to children, teenagers, teachers and public in general.
• Leader of the Programme of Environmental Education (informal) (1996 -2001) on the Knowledge and Protection of the Marine Means for children, teenagers and people of the third age of the nearby community to the Institute of Oceanology, with important results.
• Advises for the magazine Flora and Fauna devoted to sea issues, published by the Ministry of Agriculture of Cuba, 1999.
• Scientific Authority of the Convention on the International Trade for the Threatened Species of Fauna and Wild Flora (CITES) for the marine species in Cuba. (1990 –2001).
• Coordinator of the organizing committee of the world campaign “Clean up The World” with headquarters in Sydney, Australia, for the campaigns of cleaning up of coasts of the Municipality of Playa of Havana City. (1999 - present)
• National Aquarium, Havana City, Cuba (1991 - 1993)
• Disseminator (Assembly of exhibits, activities with children and youngsters, elaboration of videos, printed materials, educational barriers, classes, presentation to the press, among others.)

RETIRED (2002 - present)
• Ad-honorem voluntary post that she occupies: Community Environmental Educator, Coordinator, Member of Organizing Committees and Bearer of Reports in Scientific Events and of Environmental, National and International Conservation, popularization of topics of Environmental Education through the massive means of communication (TV, radio and written press), Consultant and Environmental Tutor as extracurricular activity to primary and secondary schools, local and municipal exhibitions, Talks and Actions with the community and other centers, Member of the Environment Commission and of that of hydrographic basins of the West in the Municipal Government of Playa, Coordinator of the International Campaign “Clean up The World”: Save your piece! in the municipality of Playa, affiliated to the S/B 110 and the Environment Committee of the UNAICC,
member of Scientific Committee of World Underwater Federation (CMAS) and Cuban Underwater Federation (FCAS), author, scriptwriter and Coordinator of the ACUALINA Project.

• English language.
• Diving.
• Basic knowledge for the realization of propagandistic graphic materials.
• Calculation (Word Processors, Internet).
• Basic knowledge for the realization and production of videotapes.
• Knowledge for the writing of messages of public interest.
• Techniques peculiar of teaching for Environmental Education informal for different auditoriums.

- I reward Outstanding at national level. XII Forum of Science and Technique. Havana, 1998. “The Environmental Education to the Rescue of the Marine Environment”
- I reward Outstanding at provincial level. XIII Forum of Science and Technique. Havana, 2000. “To sensitize from the earliest age: a challenge for the environmental education in the marine means”
- I reward Gilberto Caballero. Competition of scientific journalism. Havana, 1999. Report for TV on the environmental education, with Rolando Nápoles of CHTV.
- 2nd Honoured in the GPIEM-2001, International Marine Environmental Award, of
Scientific Committee of World Underwater Federation (CMAS). (Principality of Monaco, November of 2001)
- I reward Coral Polyp to the “Environmental Educator of the Year 2002 of the organization North American Conservation Reef Relief (Key West, Florida, U.S.A., July 2002)
- Outstanding Award at Provincial Level. XV Forum of Science and Technique. Havana, 2005. “Acualina a Cuban initiative for the greater Awareness in favour of the Environment”
- Distinction Juan Tomás Roig of the Republic of Cuba, 2005
-Distinction Conmemorative 485 Aniversary of San Cristobal Village of The Havana. Havana, July 2005.

The center of my activity is: "...The communities awareness on the knowledge and conservation of the Environment, mainly the Marine Environment, for a sustainable development. For this she possesses excellent communicator gifts, many initiatives and creativity, a great firmness and a vast knowledge of the topic ... "