Among the fish most used for human consumption, we have some species of the family Scombridae (E.g. albacora, colored, tuna), especially the last one is well known for its exquisite meat.

Once they are caught it is necessary to keep in mind that during transport and storage, they should be maintainded under good refrigeration conditions, since bad preservation causes certain bacterias to act on the histidine of the meat, transforming it fundamentally into histamine; when being ingested by man this causes an immediate allergic reaction in the form of reddening of the face, itch, nauseas, vomits, diarrhea, red spots, difficulty to breathe, etc.

In such cases, at first the stomach should be evacuated, followed by other suitable medical treatment.

With this message we wish to clarify that although we enjoy to eat some of the species that often are used by the food industry, they require a meticulous conservation process which implies a large human responsibility.