Rays and Stingrays

Usually on sandy or muddy sea floors we frecuently can observe rays and lebisas (Dasyatis sabina, American D., D. Sayi, Himantura schmardae),
species that belong to the Class Chondricthys, like sharks, because both have a cartilaginous skeleton.

They are characterized to have a flat, disc-like body that ends in a tail.

They are inoffensive and almost always lie on the sea floor, but when stepped upon accidentally, they defend themselves using a sharp appendix in their tail. When this penetrates a person's skin it produces a wound as well as other symptoms such as: spasmodic pain, nauseas, vomiting, oedema, arterial hypotension, muscular paralysis, tiredness, etc.

In such as situation, the ideal initial treatment would be to irrigate the wound with cold liquids, in order to clean the wound and to reduce the local circulation. The rest of the treatment is the same as stated below for wounds caused by Scorpion Fish.

Although these wounds are not very frequent in our region, it is always necessary to keep in mind when taking a swim where these types of sea floors exist, to drag the feet while walking, because usually when these organisms are touched, they swim away. But it is still always good, to use appropriate footwear.