Every thing in the Universe, might have elements that make it unique and different from the rest; but at the same time all of it are in a close relation and belong to the same unit, thatís why any damage made, conscientious or not, in any level; it always will affect the rest of systems and elements. Is the human being who has the most important role in this sense, because we are in the top of evolution among all species in the earth.

Its important to have an holistic vision of the meaning of Unity and act consequently from the childhood. Every act at that moment of our lives is a key process that directly affect the development of our nervous systems and our conscience and itís present at home, with the connivance with parents and relatives, the environment and all education until adultness.

This is the message of Acualina; any work on environmental education and all actions to save our planet, will have their best result if we start in the early stages of our lives.

Cuba is a narrow archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea. Cuba has attractive beaches and coasts and many people use to enjoy them. The
beauty of the marine landscapes and the crystal transparency and warm of the water, make of our country a destination for diving.

The Cuban marine fauna is diverse and mostly not dangerous for humans, even though rare cases of incidents has been reported. The most of cases because of the lack of knowledge by humans of the way of living of those species.