This fish belongs to the Family Scorpaenidae and its common name is Rascacio.

Brownish or reddish gray in color and dark spots. They inhabit rocky bottoms, hence the denomination of stone fish; They are also found in herbaceous bottoms and in summer they can be found at very shallow depths.

They are carnivorous fish in their diet; and they are difficult to identify due to the anatomical characteristics they present and because they present the capacity for mimicry.

They tend to be calm on rocky bottoms for the most part; but when we step on them, they cause us several punctiform wounds with their dorsal spines fundamentally, which release a toxic substance. Kneeling that causes severe pain, often followed by an inflammatory condition; fever; difficulty walking and other symptoms.

The first therapeutic measure that should be taken once out of the water is to immerse the affected part in hot water (as long as it can be supported) for 30 to 90 minutes, and then go to the nearest medical center where a treatment will analgesic base; anti-inflammatories; tetanus reactivation if necessary; etc.

For this reason, we recommend that if you bathe in rocky areas you protect your feet with suitable footwear.