The character Acualina was born out of a logo:

A logo to meet the needs of a community project. As it happens sometimes with big discoveries, by pure chance, as the project’s leader saw the logo, the little Acualina moving, she understood her magic and potential to inspire kids and teach them to protect and safeguard the environment. Without intending it," it came into being" on July 28th of 2003, with the mission of transmitting clear messages regarding the marine environment and strengthen awareness of the need of its preservation.

Their first steps headed to Television (TV), where the project was presented in the Educational Channel of Cuba, in form of a series of public messages with an approximate duration of 60 seconds each one. Ten of those messages already are finished and they are transmitted by several channels of Cuban television in different schedules. Their titles are the following:

- What is the Environment?
- A single Ocean
- Marine Waste
- The Water
- What is Biodiversity?
- The Trees
- What is the Climatic Change?
- Neighborhoods and their Environment
- Coral Reefs
- Reuse, reduce and recycle

In preparation:

- The life of the beaches
- Desertification
- Hydrographic basins
- The ozone layer
- The dolphins

And more recently in the Web Page, Acualina appears with her messages to sensitize many more people in the planet on the most vital problems to that the ocean and the environment are subjected to in general, committing our own future.

Looking for new chalenges, Acualina, appear in other comunication media: match boxes, phone cards, tshirts, calendars, posters, emong many others.

The educational multimedia "Acualina from Cuba", now being reproduced, is other field in wich this project is being developed.


Since her creation, Acualina has been surrounded with a lot of Love, the main ingredient so that any project works the best... and for these, she goes with her gracious but firm walk. -