Who is Acualina?

Acualina is symbolic figure, a small muse of the environment, is a character that represents a girl who is a philosopher wearing the colours of the Cuban flag but wearing an ancient Greek tunic. With a pitcher she pours water, which metaphorically represents conscience poured into the corals in order to protect them (the coral reefs are threatened by local human impact and global climate changes).

Why Acualina?

The lack of knowledge or environmental illiteracy of our society demands an effort of the conservation community to teach the public and raise awareness on how to protect and better use our environment. The situation is urgent, but there is a lot that every one of us can do. Important actions are being carried out worldwide towards protecting the environment. Are these actions targeted to the cause of the problem? What about our ignorance? Do experts speak a clear language that everyone can understand for people to think and act in a different way? ... By means of its actions and an interesting and clear messages, ACUALINA has the mission of transmitting environmental education to the population, mainly, to kids, to change people’s attitude and mobilize their minds in favor of the health of the environment so they can face the challenges of the current world.