"The Water"

The water as a natural resource and its availability is in danger, the corresponding figures are alarming. As consequently, one must speak about their care.

Did you know that the surface of the Planet Earth is formed by 70.8% of the water of the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes?
From this quantity, 97.2% corresponds to the seas which are salt water and it is not to be consumed by human beings. As you see the readiness of fresh water it is a topic of vital importance for all beings. Millions of people in the world already suffer from the shortage of this valuable liquid.
If we continue with the current rhythm of use of fresh water, according to experts 50% of the world population will lack drinking water within a few years. Aren’t these figures alarming? Think about what you can do in the Environment that surrounds you, to partly correct this dramatic planetary situation...
Don't waste water, let us take care of it, without it, life could disappear!.



The Water

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