"Marine Waste"

The sea is sometimes called the dustbin of mankind. Here are some advises as to avoid so much contamination.

The sea is sometimes called “the dustbin in of mankind’. All kinds of object and materials will end there, such as: oil spills, toxic substances, as well as the garbage of the sea or marine waste, and so on. These objects turn up there due to Man's negligence. Did you know that the ones responsible of making the garbage of the sea disappear are the marine microorganisms? ... If we throw a can to the sea or a river, these will take in decomposing it from 10 to 100 years; plastic, more than 500 years, and glass and other modern containers... indefinitely!
Let us clean the seas, but we must remember that all cleaning will be incomplete, if before we don't do it on ourselves, in our minds, and from early ages of life. It would be best not to pollute... it is much easier. Don't you believe



Marine Waste

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