“The Coral Reefs”

The coral reefs as well as what they represent for the sea and the risks are they entail are analyzed. Here are some advises to the scuba divers to take care of them.

Coral reefs represent the most important ecosystem in the marine Environment, because of their high biodiversity, productivity and fragility.
It is the home of thousands of species of fish and invertebrates and due to their great beauty, it’s one of the most visited places by divers.
The climatic change threatens them and it is also a risk for the coral reefs of the world. Moreover, the mechanical damage, contamination, sedimentation and over fishing caused by people also affect them.
You should remember that if you visit a coral reef: just look and don’t touch! , so that they can always last and remain known as “the submerged gardens of the sea.”




Coral Reefs

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