"What is Biodiversity?"

Biodiversity in the planet as well as the risks to which it is submitted are herewith explained, to try to give awareness to everyone.

Biodiversity is all the variety of the existent life in our planet, from the molecular level, to the most complex ecosystems and landscapes. From the summit of the highest mountains and the atmosphere, to the big depths of the oceans. It constitutes the natural biological capital of the planet. Its protection through Science and Technology, offers the only way by means of which the nations of the world can reach a sustainable development. Each habitat that gets lost in the world represents the loss of species that are in the moment in danger of extinction and there are no preventive measures to save the great majority. This is the reason why our main responsibility is to take the necessary measures in order to preserve the biological diversity for the future generations. This should be done before the richness of life in the planet decreases forever. I invite you to do what is within your reach to take care of the species of plants and animals that surround you. They need you and we need them too.

What is Biodiversity?

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